What is the Difference Between Collated and Uncollated?

Printing has many terms that you will need to look up and learn to better understand the printing process and yield professional results. Choosing the wrong option can cause you plenty of issues that you can easily avoid, especially in the world of printing. The terms “collated” and “uncollated” are seen on every printer but most people have to run to a dictionary to understand the difference! Some printers may even have a visual icon of the terms but it still may cause confusion. As a professional print shop, we understand so that’s why we’re explaining these odd print terms.

We’ll discuss the actual definitions of collated and uncollated, product examples, and how they’re essential for printing. Let’s get started!

Here’s a visual example showing the difference between printing collated and uncollated:

What does Collated Mean?

Collated is defined as the collection or combination of information, text, or sets of figures in prim order. For example, if you were to print out a document, a collated print would print the pages in order. This is important if you hope to keep the packet of documents in order during your printing.

Other examples include the printing and creating of catalogs, booklets, and manuals since they’re typically printed in order. Following the proper order of a document is essential, especially when it’s what you intend to do. 

What does Uncollated Mean?

Like you can imagine, anything with an un in the front of it typically means the opposite of the word behind the un. With this in mind, uncollated means to be separated and not assembled in any particular order.

For example, if you want to print multiple copies of a specific page rather than printed out numerous times in order, an uncollated option is the route for this. Knowing the contrast for this can make a monumental difference in what you hope to accomplish. 

What kind of products are collated and uncollated?

For the most part, collated and uncollated refers to printing. For example, if you own a restaurant and want multiple color copies of your menu to be printed, then going with a collate printing option is the route to go with.

On the other hand, if you have a single print out, uncollated is typically the better option if you want your print outs to be printed out by every available option together rather than in order. Plus, this is great for handing out printed documents for business presentations, lectures, and much more. 

Why is knowing the difference between printing collated or uncollated important for printing?

The difference between collated and uncollated are most often associated with printing for the reasons above. Each has their advantage, but not knowing the two can cause you a great deal of annoyance after completing the printing job. Realize that collated printing means in order, whereas uncollated isn’t in order. 

In Conclusion

Hopefully, by now, you understand the difference between collated and uncollated. Once understood, you should be able to comfortably accomplish all of the printing and various other needs you have tied to the definitions.

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